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Running a small or medium sized business is exhilarating and challenging.

You have the ideas, the enthusiasm, and the expert knowledge related to your product or service.

It is all too easy to spend your valuable time wrestling with issues which are outside your area of competence, but which remain critical to business success.

That’s where Lighthouse Circle can help!

Lighthouse Circle offer the following
consultancy services:


Project Consultancy and Ongoing Management packages available, depending on your businesses specific needs

Health & Safety

Offering a number of services from Policies & Procedures through to Incident Investigation.  Packages tailored to suit your requirements.

About Us

Similar to the service a lighthouse gives to those sailing through unknown and dangerous waters, Lighthouse Circle provides a guiding light to help owners navigate key areas of their business – highlighting and effectively tackling issues which could potentially sink the whole ship if they don’t get it right.

Our circle consists of proven professionals – only those with a depth of experience and a breadth of knowledge across many sectors are invited to become part of the team – coming together to offer best practice, leaving clients reassured and able to focus on driving their business forwards.

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